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German viewers love their detectives ...

... ist  ein Artikel in der New York Times, in dem der Autor, zu der Zeit Korrspondent aus "Europa", seinen Landsleuten versucht den Tatort zu erklären. Der Artikel ist alt und viele kennen ihn vermutlich schon (er ist im englischen Wikipedia-Artikel zum Tatort verlinkt). Aber ich habe ihn gerade zum ersten Mal gelesen und finde die Außen-Sicht auf ein deutsches Phänomen spannend.

German viewers love their detectives
Michael Kimmelmann, NYT, 26. August 2009

BERLIN — When “Law & Order” kicks off its new season next month, it will tie “Gunsmoke,” at 20 years, as America’s longest-running prime-time drama. Here in Germany, where a police procedural called “Tatort” has been around nearly four decades, 20 years can seem as ephemeral as a high school romance.

“Tatort” is a little akin to what Johnny Carson’s “Tonight Show” was in America. It’s one of those modest pop-culture symbols and long-standing common experiences that can be hard for outsiders to translate but that speak to, and of, a nation. First broadcast in 1970, before video games or food processors and when Germany seemed permanently split in two, the show adopted the age-old formula of a pair of detectives solving a murder to devise a distinctly German version of the crime drama.

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